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Delivery heroes: How Russian postmen glued the country together

Postal workers have always been of great importance for such a vast country like Russia. For people in far-flung corners, they are the only lifeline tying them to the mainland. Here are 13 historical snapshots of the postal service and its unsung heroes.
By Alexey Mosko
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Multimedia Art Museum Moscow / Moscow House of Photography

1900s. Postmen pose for a picture in front of a post office.

RIA Novosti

1913. A postman.

Multimedia Art Museum Moscow / Moscow House of Photography

1938. A post office worker in Ivanovo (345 km northeast of Moscow).

RIA Novosti

1943. A Red Army tanker asks a postman if there is mail for him.


1963. Post employees sort out the mail.

V. Kunyaev/TASS

1969. A postman delivers mail to a Soviet military ship.

Boris Myasnikov/TASS

1972. Post employees Flera Mansurova, Lyudmila Kuznetsova and Valentina Ozherelyeva at work in Naberezhnye Chelny (1064km east of Moscow).

Viktor Koshevoy/TASS

1977. A post office information desk in the entrance hall of an apartment building in Moscow.

Albert Pushkarev/TASS

1982. A view of the customer floor at the central post office in Moscow.

Igor Zotin/TASS

1987. A post office employee instructs an intern.

Semyon Maisterman/TASS

1987. Postwoman Irina Volkova delivers mail to reindeer breeder Yury Filippov in Lovozero, Murmansk Region (1846km north of Moscow).

Leonid Sverdlov/TASS

1987. Vshchizh, Bryansk Region (448km southwest of Moscow). Postal delivery worker Ivan Frolenkov on duty during the muddy season.
October 10, 2016
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