Robots fighting fires and helping sick children study

The All-Russia Science Festival held in Moscow in October is a good place to to take a closer look at the latest developments of engineering and robotics. Watch some Russian robots performing exercises, fighting fires, and helping sick children study.

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The Science Festival is a great opportunity for young engineers to show their work and for scientists to share their experience.  All visitors, including the youngest ones, can touch science with their own hands without any risk. This year the festival broke the attendance record with more than 600,000 people visiting it, following it online, and participating in the event. 

One of the Festival's hits this year was a firefighter robot invented by the students of Number 39 Polytechnic College. Automated stilts allow it to access difficult-to-reach places. Several experiments proved that the stilts are more effective than tracks or wheels.

New robots are in high demand on the Russian market. Their production attracts young engineers with their prospects and opportunities to use their knowledge.

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