My life in Russia: Richard Pearce from Solihull, England

"My life in Russia" is a video blog about English-speaking expats living in Russia. In this blog, we present Russia from their points of view - how they adjust to local habits, how they adapt their everyday life, how they make friends.

We spent a day with Richard from an Englishmen who has been dreaming about Russia since his childhood.

“I was born in a small town in England called Solihull, but most of my life I’ve lived in Manchester. When I was just three years old I started saying, ‘I’m going away to live in Russia,’ and all through my childhood I talked about Russia and studied its history and culture. I had this inexplicable dream. And, when I was 25, I went to Vladivostok. Then I traveled across Russia, teaching, doing various projects and running in charity marathons for Russian orphans. And now I’ve settled in Moscow and created the project of my dreams — a football academy.”

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