Moscow street musicians: Brass band occupies parks

Street musicians: Who are they? Why do they do what they do? Is it simply rebellious behavior or do they have ambitions for a larger stage? Do they think that one day a producer will pass by and discover them? We've examined this phenomenon from different angles.

First we talked to Maria, who plays Russian rock classics in Moscow’s underground pedestrian crossings for seven years to earn some extra money. Watch this video!

Next we profile musicians from Brevis Brass Band, who have other aims and desires. For them playing on the streets is not something they do out of despair or simply to make money: being off the stage and close to the people and sharing their positive vibes is a part of their performance and philosophy.

Brevis Brass Band is one of the best known Moscow cover brass bands. The band’s seven members are not only professional musicians, but also real artists. They can turn a quiet street into a crowded show in seconds with their energy and covers of world music hits. There's always an element of surprise: "One minute ago there was nothing and then all of a sudden our band shows up and starts playing."

The third part of our series on street musicians will feature a new discovery. Stay tuned, it’s coming next week!

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