Kalach, Russian artisan bread for the tsar and the masses

RBTH traveled to Kolomna 100 km south-east of Moscow to visit a museum of one of Russia’s most popular breads.

Kalach, a traditional Russian dish, has been around since the 16th century. Kalach was in great favour in Russia. Kalach was present both at the every-day table of ordinary townspeople, and on magnificent tsars’ feasts. Tsars used to send kalaches as a special gesture to the patriarch and other persons with high clerical titles. When giving a leave to a servant, the master, as a rule, also gave him a small coin to spend “on a kalach”.

Because the most popular kind of kalach has always come from Kolomna, RBTH traveled 100 km south-east of Moscow to visit a rare kalach museum, where modern bakers honor and preserve this centuries-old bread-making tradition.​

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