Learn to decorate eggs on the eve of the Orthodox Easter

On the eve of Orthodox Easter we met with artist Svetlana Sinitsyna, who makes pisanki, Easter eggs painted with wax and dye.

Pisanki is just one of the many techniques of decorating eggs. Other techniques include Krashenki, shkryabanki and malevanki — in other words, there are plenty of skills to hone for the coming Orthodox Easter holidays. Painted eggs go back to pagan times; Christianity later assimilated and reinterpreted the tradition. Orthodox Christians in Russia often dye eggs in solid colors (krashenki), using different natural dyes.

How does she make it? Follow these steps:

1) Heat the tool. (She uses the special tool called pisachok but it can be anything, brush or bonder tool). Dip it into the wax and start drawing the picture.

2) Dip it into the paint. Take some yellow paint and gently bathe the egg in it. Check if the color is rich enough for you. If so, take a napkin and gently sponge it.

3) Apply wax dots.

4) Take the next paint, red. Put the egg in. Take it out and sponge it.

5) Place the egg above the candle fire. When the wax starts to shine, it melts. Remove the wax with a napkin. Our pisanka is ready.

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