Marine version of ‘Pantsyr’ rocket-guns for navy ships

The first maritime version of the ‘Pantsyr’ system will enter into service with the Northern Fleet's heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov".

The marine version of the anti-aircraft missile and gun system, the "Pantsyr," will enter into service with the Russian Navy from 2017.

The Northern Fleet, proven in service in Russia and during the Syrian campaign, will be the first in line to have its land system modified, particularly adapted to the heavy nuclear missile cruiser of the 1144 "Admiral Nakhimov" project.

The developers said mass production of the "marine" version of the complex has already begun and six “Pantsyr” systems will be used to armour the first one.

The system’s naval version is equipped with the weapons from the "land" version.

The air defence missile-gun system "Pantsyr -C1":

Range of missile attack: 1.2 km - 20 km;

Firing height: 15 m - 15 km;

Ammunition: 12 missiles;

Gun calibre: 30 mm (paired);

Unit of fire: 1400 projectiles;

Rate of fire per minute: 5000;

Initial velocity of the projectile: 960 m / s;

Detection range from 15 km to 80 km;

Simultaneous tracking of targets: 4.

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