Victory Day 2017 in Moscow the coldest since 1945

May 9 was the coldest in Moscow since 1945.

May 9 was the coldest in Moscow since 1945.

Moskva Agency
Mercury stays low as military fly-by cancelled due to poor weather

May 9 was the coldest in Moscow since 1945, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological center, the Moskva news agency reports

This year’s Victory Day in the Russian capital was the chilliest since the end of WWII, with temperatures struggling to hit five degrees Celsius, peaking at 4.6. Seventy-two years ago, on the day the war ended, temperatures reached 7.6 degrees Celsius. The second coldest Victory Day was in 1988, when the mercury levelled out at only 6.5. The coldest May 9 ever recorded in Moscow was in 1918, almost a century ago: 5.6 degrees Celsius.

To add insult to injury, the eagerly anticipated military fly-by - when military planes thrill spectators in Moscow’s skies - was called off due to bad weather. According to forecasters, this week in the city also will be cool, so it looks like summer is taking a little longer to wake up than usual.

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