4 Soviet fruit soups… wait, what?!

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So, we dug around for goodies in the ‘Book On Tasty and Healthy Food’ (1952). The results did not disappoint!

1. The cherry vareniki soup

This one comes from somebody who must’ve loved cherry-filled vareniki as a kid. This fruit-based soup takes an added cherry turbo charge!

How to make it: 600gr cherries, divided into two piles. The first half is pitted and strained of any residual juices, then covered in 50gr starch. The second half is drained in 4-5 glasses of hot water. Mix in ½ glass sugar, bring to the boil, then strain. Make dough: 1 cup wheat flour, 2 eggs, 2tbsp water, knead thinly, before cutting out circles. Fill each with 1-2 pitted cherries and seal. Before serving, add the cherry decoction and boil for another 5-10 minutes.

2. Cream of berry with croutons

This summer soup allows you to be bold with fresh berries, any kind you like. Don’t skimp!

How to make it: Take the berries (strawberries, raspberries etc.), wash and mash them. Add 2 cups boiling water and ½ cups sugar, stir, mix and strain. Mix the resulting syrupy mixture and mix with the berry puree, you should get a cold soup. Mix that with sour cream and 150gr vanilla-infused croutons.

3. Apple and cranberry soup

You want to save this one for warm fall evenings, when the summer’s behind you, but the harvest is still there and ready to be used, and you want to keep the feeling of winter at bay. 

How to make it: Wash and mash 300gr cranberries, drown in 5 cups of boiling water, mix and cover. After 10-15 minutes, strain through a porous cloth. Cover the pot and bring to the boil, add 1 cup sugar and 500gr peeled and pitted apples (small pieces). When the mixture boils, mix in 1tbsp potato starch. The soup is served cold. Add sour cream to taste.

4. Dried fruit and rice soup 

This is a true winter treat, but you have to prepare and dry the apples and pears in advance - or simply buy at the store. Kids are going to love this one! 

How to make it: Wash and select 200gr dried fruit, then drown the apples and pears in cold water and boil until ready. Add ½ cups sugar, and together with the remaining fruit (if any) mix with cinnamon and boil on low for 10-15 minutes. Add 50gr potato starch, diluted with water and boil until finished. You may then choose to add 100gr rice or even noodles.  

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