These luxury cakes for millionaires & celebrities will leave you speechless

Renat Agzamov
A Moscow-based confectioner makes extremely elaborate cakes and sells them all over the world.

1. This professional confectioner from Russia makes cakes that look more like real castles. For example, this wedding cake - called ‘The Zwinger Castle’ - resembles one of the most famous architectural monuments of Dresden, Germany.

2. Renat Agzamov - the man behind these pastry masterpieces - is a famous Russian confectioner. His cakes are unique, exclusive, and extremely expensive. This cake is called the ‘Trevi Fountain Cake’. It is a detailed copy of the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.

3. This mind-blowing edible copy of the Trevi Fountain also has an operating mini fountain. It took Agzamov three months to design, prepare, and create.

4. This wedding cake resembles a fairytale castle. A horse pulls an edible carriage, the doors open, and figures of the newlyweds enter the castle. The cake is aptly called ‘Wedding Magic’.

5. Agzamov receives orders from world-famous celebrities. In 2006, NHL star Alexander Ovechkin ordered a luxury cake for his wedding with wife Nastasya. The cake - called ‘Romeo and Juliet’ - had transparent caramel columns illuminated from the inside. All transparent elements were illuminated in cold light and chocolate decorations - in warm light.

6. The famous confectioner, who originally comes from Sochi, is currently based in Moscow. He makes cakes not only for adults, but also for children. This cake inspired by the Spider-Man universe was made for one of Agzamov’s friend’s kids. It may not be as massive as his other works, but the attention to detail is unbelievable. 

7. This cake was ordered by a customer from the capital of Chechnya, Grozny. “The weight of the cake is about 400 kg. The entire decor is made of Belgian chocolate. The Koran and the Crescent Moon on the cake will not be cut; the customer will save them for memory,” wrote Agzamov on his Instagram page.

8. This cake was inspired by the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

9. Some of the cakes contain rotating parts that make them look even more complex and expensive.

10. To make this cake, Agzamov and his team had to transport all the ingredients abroad where the customer was expecting his order. Then, the team worked nonstop for three days to deliver the order in time. The weight of this cake is 1,500 kg! The price is a secret, though some say these luxury cakes may be worth hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars.

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