Moscow Maslenitsa: Party like a Russian!

Maslenitsa festival that is held in Moscow till February, 26 is a great opportunity to learn the ancient Slavic traditions and to have a lot of fun participating in action games – not mentioning that you will have no chance to leave hungry.
The authorities of the Russian capital have made a marvelous gift for all the Muscovites and the guests of the city: the vibrant Maslenitsa festival that lasts for 10 days instead of usual 7 – that means even the busiest person is able to attend it, having two weekends available.
Of course, the center of the holiday are bliny, the delicious traditional pancakes: all the kinds and all the varieties of them supplemented by hot drinks and various appetizers, - no way to stay hungry celebrating Moscow Maslenitsa!
But in lockstep with the traditions of the ancient Slavs the holiday is not the extent of hearty food and drinks: Maslenitsa was also the period of active games and competitions. Dashing guys and larky girls went to the bat with each other and even those who haven’t won were presented with tasty delights and small tokens.
Tim Kirby took part in Moscow Maslenitsa festival, as well, and now you can know all the nuances from our new series “Russia: Tips, Tricks and Travel”.

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