How ingenious Russians get around on land, water, and swamp

Russia Beyond presents some of the most exciting one-off vehicles designed, built, and restored by creative Russians in their garages.

This buggy was created not only for hot summer days at the beach. The ‘Virazh’ or Steep Turn handles like a dream in the cold and snow of winter. Just don’t forget to dress a bit warmer!

If you want a car to go anywhere, take off the wheels and replace them with a caterpillar track. Then nothing is impossible!

Normally, you only see military vehicles driving around Russian cities during parades. However, enthusiasts from the Ural town of Raduzhny have restored a “Katyusha” multiple rocket launcher truck. But don’t worry; it’s no longer deadly!

This compact off-roader looks like it was designed by Russian space scientists to travel across the Moon or Mars, but you’d be wrong. It’s been built for a task that’s only a little easier, to get through Russian swamps and thick, impenetrable forests.

Here’s a vehicle that doesn’t know if it’s coming or going. The rear of a LADA car has been mounted on tracks, to become the front of this forest runabout. The unique vehicle is still a work in progress.

This powerful and menacing all-wheel drive motorbike wasn’t the one Batman drove in the Dark Knight, but it’s definitely a Russian cousin.

This cross between a motorbike and the Michelin man was designed to traverse deep swamps. The massive wheels give the off-roader enough buoyancy to float, which is precisely what the designer wanted.

What do you get when you cross a baby stroller with an electric motor and add some Russian ingenuity? The AlyMobile-1 is a homemade contraption that weighs 30kg and can reach 7km/h. It’s an ideal personal transport as it can drive over curbs and other obstacles.

Why do you need a boat, when a ‘wet’ motorbike can get you across rivers, lakes and maybe even the sea?

This stretched kart is called the “Adrenaline Generator. ” With the look of an F-1 racer and a mighty engine at its heart, the machine can get the blood pumping even when it's standing still.

If these have just wet your appetite, you can see more weird and wonderful Russian vehicles here.

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