Neural network comes up with unique T-shirt prints every 30 seconds (PHOTOS)
The prints can be downloaded and printed on your clothes for free.

Russian software developer Evgeny Kashin has launched a free service that creates original prints for clothes – he devised a neural network that generates unique images, and then wipes them forever.

“In order to feel like an artist you need: 40k paintings from wikiart, 2080ti x 2 [two video cards], 4 days of StyleGan training,” said Kashin.

The StyleGan neural network generates unique images from a range of artworks, blending fragments from nine paintings into one. Every 30 seconds the prints are updated, and previous versions deleted. It's all available on the project website:

Prints are downloaded by simply clicking on them. Kashin recommends using Waifu2x to improve the image quality (by default, all images are available in standard 1024x1024 resolution). The service is currently free of charge, but appreciative users can send a donation.

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