Prodigious teenager proves a pianist need not have hands

Alexei Romanov.

Alexei Romanov.

Arthur Levachkov
16-year old Alexei Romanov plays the piano despite a major handicap: he does not have hands. In fact, he was born without hands, but his compositions receive widespread applause and have created a sensation among Internet users.

Alexei Romanov, a 16-year-old from Zelenodolsk (in the Republic of Tatarstan, 800 kilometres east of Moscow), began playing music on the piano around two years ago. His interest was kindled when he began to listen to the works of Mozart, Vivaldi and other composers, and he felt the urge to play music by himself.

His music teacher at school began working with him. She helped him play the melodies from the most popular films: Twilight, Titanic. His courageous undertaking and his talent was then supported not only by his teachers but also by his friends.

Source: Arthur LevachkovSource: Arthur Levachkov

"I was particularly helped by two of my female friends. The girls taught me the basics of music. They told me how to read notes. They still help me. They send me sheet music, which I study and if I like something, I let it settle inside me," said Alexei.

The first success

Alexei is now studying in Kazan, in boarding school #4 for children with disabilities affecting the locomotor system. He has recently been adopted by Vladimir and Luisa Levachkovye.

His adoptive parents immediately noticed his predisposition for music and bought him a synthesizer. Over time, Alexei began participating in musical competitions - and winning!

Source: Arthur LevachkovSource: Arthur Levachkov

It was after performing on a little stage with the La Primavera chamber orchestra that he was given the offer to enter a music school. The chief conductor invited Alexei to participate in the "Guests from Tomorrow" TV project, in which he performed "River Flows in You," a composition written by South Korean pianist Lee Ru-ma for the Twilight soundtrack. After the performance the young musician attracted a great deal of public and mass media attention.

"During the concert with the orchestra I was shaking from the tension. I can't even remember what was happening. But there was nothing I could do. I walked onto the stage, sat down and started playing. I felt my knees shaking. Then I realized that I was doing well; it's as if the melody started flowing by itself. And so I calmed down," Alexei remembers.

The source of inspiration

Alexei became embarrassed when we told him that his example is capable not only of inspiring other young musicians but also motivating people in general.

"I personally receive inspiration, well, basically out of nowhere. Sometimes it seems that there is a sort of invisible, endless spiritual source, out of which I can draw strength," Alexei explained.

Source: Buisness Online TV/YouTube

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