10 Russian cities seen from SPACE (PHOTOS)

Oleg Kononenko / Roscosmos
Cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko shares his amazing snaps of big Russian cities at night from the International Space Station (ISS).

For Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, space photography is a hobby. During his free time on the ISS, he captures big cities all over the world from 420 km up in the sky.

1. Moscow

When you look at Moscow from above at night, you come to realize: it really does never sleep!

2. Saratov

The city of Saratov, 830 km south of Moscow, is located on the Volga River. On the opposite side, lies the town of Engels.

3. Anapa

This resort city in the south of Russia looks rather empty at the “low” season.

4. Krasnodar

This large city in the south is considered the most comfortable for living and most prospective megalopolis in the country.

5. Angarsk

The industrial Siberian city is located not far from Irkutsk, and its factory plants are clearly be seen from above.

6. Vladivostok

On the eastern side of Russia, there’s the beautiful city of Vladivostok, stretching along the Golden Horn bay.

7. Orenburg

On the pedestrian bridge to the Ural River, there’s a monument reminding people they’re crossing the European-Asian border.

8. St. Petersburg 

Usually, it’s not easy to snap the second biggest Russian city, due to constant clouds, but in this photo, St. Petersburg is seen with rather clear skies.

9. Astrakhan

The city is divided into two by the Volga River, and most people live on the left side – it is considered a historical center, full of attractions and cultural life.

10. Novorossiysk

This harbor town looks like a giant flying horse from above!

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