12 incredible images from a Trans-Siberian train window (PHOTOS)

Georg Wallner/Mesto47
In the times when traveling is not possible, we would like to invite you on this breathtaking virtual journey through Russia.

1. What are your first thoughts that might come to mind when thinking about a Trans-Siberian journey across Russia? 

2. Most likely the nightmare of seven days nonstop aboard the train and the endless taiga through the window. 

3. However, journalist Marina Dmukhovskaya and photographer Georg Wallner claim that a passenger would never get bored on this long trip. 

4. After completing their journey from Moscow to Vladivostok, the journalists created an entire project called ‘Mesto47’, which features photos and stories heard aboard.

5. Cozy small villages, churches, Soviet rail platforms and gorgeous rivers - these are just a few of the beauties that you’ll encounter.

6. “This is the most unique ‘TV-program’ you’ll ever watch,” Marina admits. 

7. She finds that one of the most spectacular views from the window are the incredible sunsets. 

8. “Firstly, you are constantly taking pictures, but then [you] get used to this beauty and just enjoy the conversation and the landscapes,” Marina adds. 

9. Riding the Trans-Siberian journey even reminded Marina of meditation.

10. Just the view of these endless rails brings about calmness, not to mention the wheels’ measured noise. 

11. Apart from waiting for a bear to appear from a forest, the thing which is as interesting are the fellow travelers and their stories that you hear while drinking tea.

12. You can find more photos from the train window following this link, while you can listen to a podcast featuring stories of passengers that Marina and Georg interviewed aboard the Trans-Siberian.

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