Вид на Балаклавскую бухту в Севастополе



Sevastopol is the third city of federal significance (after Moscow and St. Petersburg) and is a separate subject of the federation from the Republic of Crimea. This is a museum city and a monument of Russian military glory. You can spend hours walking around it and its surroundings, learning new details of history and admiring the beauties of the city and nature.

Start your journey from the Sevastopol Bay, admire the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and even the once-secret submarines.

There’s also Inkerman, which is a separate town, but administratively part of Sevastopol. A monastery and a fortress from Byzantine times have been preserved here. But, of course, Inkerman is most famous for its wines.

Проникнуть на базу подлодок
Do you like military museums as much as we do? You know, when mysterious lights flash around, torpedoes are placed in the corners and, between the corridors, multi-ton doors that can withstand a nuclear strike open and close.