Russia’s most awesome stories that you might have missed: Aug. 19-25

Alexander Chernavskiy
This week we showed you how to pick up Russian girls and revealed what “Devil’s apples” are.

1. 'Be persistent': Russian girls share tips on how to pick them up

Source: Alexander ChernavskiySource: Alexander Chernavskiy

Want to date a Russian girl, but don’t know how to start? The secret is easy: Keep trying, but don’t be creepy. Girls share a few tips how to pick them up.

2. Russia’s new army car is fire and radiation proof - and it’s a LADA!

Source: Togliatti State UniversitySource: Togliatti State University

It may look like the legendary LADA Niva, but this badboy is designed specially for the army. The designers claim it’s resistant to radiation - but shouldn’t it at least have a roof?!

3. From shaving to potatoes: 5 things that Peter the Great brought to Russia

Portrait of Peter I of Russia (1672-1725). Source: Maria Giovanna ClementiPortrait of Peter I of Russia (1672-1725). Source: Maria Giovanna Clementi

Do you know that potatoes brought to Russia by Peter the Great to Russia were initially refused by the people. They even called them “Devil’s apples.” Well, things are obviously a little different these days... 

4. The shackles are off: Russia finally frees itself of massive Soviet debts

Source: Iliya Pitalev/RIA NovostiSource: Iliya Pitalev/RIA Novosti

It’s finally done. The last Soviet debt was paid off by Russia. Find out which countries were the main creditors of the USSR, and to whom the Soviet Union owed the most cash.

5. Cormorants are damaging Russia’s outrageously expensive new stadium

Source: Legion MediaSource: Legion Media

St. Petersburg Arena, the second most expensive stadium in the world, has a tainted backstory. It’ witnessed many construction delays and corruption scandals. And now a new misfortune! Cormorants are damaging its roof!

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