10 treasures of the Ming Dynasty to see in the Moscow Kremlin (PHOTOS)

Ancient porcelain figures, furniture with noble woodcarving and ivory statues: three centuries of Chinese royal history now even closer than you think.

Several figures from the legendary Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, were exhibited in Moscow about ten years ago. Now the legacy of its successor, the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), is on its way to Russia’s capital.

A major exhibition of imperial handicraft masterpieces from the Shanghai Museum will open in the Kremlin in April.One of the highlights of the exhibition is a set of 66 porcelain figures of the ceremonial guard, allegedly found in the tomb of imperial family members.

“All the pieces will be displayed in Russia for the first time, and viewers will be able to familiarize themselves with different artistic styles and feel the charm of that time,” Elena Gagarina, General Director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, said.

Here are ten of the most interesting items that will make you come to the Kremlin to see much more:

1. Box with lid

Ming dynasty (1368–1644), 16th c. / Wood.

2. “Woman with Baby” statuette

Ming dynasty (1368–1644) / Ivory.

3. Vessel for dripping water on ink slab

Ming dynasty (1368–1644) / Jade.

4. Brazier

Ming dynasty (1368–1644) / Copper.

5. Phoenix-shaped zun vessel

Ming dynasty (1368–1644) / Bronze.

6. Set of ceremonial guard statuettes

Ming dynasty (1368–1644) / Ceramics.

7. Pendant for ceremonial short cloak

Ming dynasty (1368–1644) / Silver.

8. Fenxin hairpin

Ming dynasty (1368–1644) / Gold.

9. Hair net

Ming dynasty (1368–1644) / Silver

10. Flowers and Birds

Qing dynasty (1644 –1912), Qianlong period (1736–1795) / Figured silk; weaving, embroidery.

The “Ming Dynasty: The Radiance of Knowledge” exhibition will be held at the Moscow Kremlin Museums from April 17 to July 25, 2018.

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