How to watch Russian movies & TV shows FOR FREE with subtitles in 2023

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Below is the most recent list of sources for contemporary and classic Russian and Soviet movies with English subtitles and others, as well.

1. Russian Film Hub

This website has many Soviet-era and modern Russian movies in good quality and with English subtitles. The website positions itself as “definitive encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet cinema”. It also has a useful option to sort content by decades.

2. ‘Amazing Russian’ YouTube channel

The ‘Russian movies with English subtitles’ playlist on this channel offers about 20 Soviet and Russian movies with English subtitles. 

3. Epic Media

Epic Media is one of the production companies in Russia that produce and distribute TV shows. The company’s YouTube channel has a decent library of contemporary Russian shows with English subtitles.

4. Star Media

Star Media is yet another Russian production company that shares its content on YouTube. In addition, the company’s YouTube channel also distributes movies and TV shows produced by other production companies in the country.

5. STV Film Company

This production company also offers content on its YouTube channel. Search for the ‘Movies with English subtitles’ playlist.

6. Mosfilm

One of the largest and oldest studios in Russia has a lot of content available on its website, including classic Soviet and contemporary Russian movies. The company’s YouTube channel is also worth a glance.

7. All soviet movies on RVISION

This YouTube channel has multiple movies of the early Soviet era, mostly from the 1920s and 1930s.

8. RusFilmES

This is an excellent TV channel for Spanish-language audiences interested in Russian movies and TV shows.

9. RT

RT network produces documentaries with English subtitles. Multiple documentaries are available on the channel’s website.

10. Cartoons

Some Russian cartoons have gained considerable popularity outside of the country. There are multiple YouTube channels that distribute Russian cartoons, some of which have English subtitles. Examples include the Gem Mountain, Russian cartoons and The Three Heroes

Click here to watch psychedelic Soviet cartoons.

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