Why Soviets were always eager to join the police (PICS)

Fighting crime wasn’t the only task the Soviet state empowered the police with. They also had to be wise mentors and educators in different areas for the masses: from the upbringing of children to questions about communist ideology, for starters.

“Fight hooliganism! Police officer, strongly suppress any breaches of the peace. Remember that impunity encourages hooligans and other perpetrators.” 

“Follow traffic rules!”

“A straight-A student is a warden’s support in solving service and operational tasks.”

“Glory to the Soviet police!”

“Power of police is its connection with the people!”

“Let’s end alcoholism forever!”

"Persons committing offenses against public, socialist property are enemies of the people." (The Soviet Constitution of 1936, article 131) “Police officer! Keep a close eye on the nation’s wealth! This is your sacred duty!”

“I serve the people!”

“Police officer! You do not have the right to relax your attention even for a minute! Stay alert!”

“Always be alert!”

“Probation officer! In your work always rely on the aid of the public!”

“Police - servant of the people”

“A worthy award for faithfully serving your country!"

“Criminal investigation - the front line in combating crime.”

“Your task and your calling is to raise, teach and convince. You should stubbornly update your political knowledge daily.”

“We completely give people our lives, for the guard of law and order.”

“Are these your children?”

“...to honestly stand on the guard of revolutionary legitimacy. - F. Dzerzhinsky” 

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