These posters show why the Soviets thought their army was invincible

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The USSR’s propaganda machine claimed the country’s army never attacked first. While this is up for debate few can doubt that Soviet soldiers put their lives on the line to defend the communist state.

1. “Watch over peace!”

2. “For life on Earth”

3. “Glory to the Soviet Army” (in Estonian)

4. “We invite nations for peaceful talks. But we can fight any provocation.”

5. “Glory to our army” (in Lithuanian)

6. “Watch over peace”

7. “For the Soviet power!”; “For our Soviet homeland”

8. “We’ve defended peace, we will defend peace!”

9. “Glory to Soviet pilots!”

10. “Watch over peace and socialism”

11. “Artillery and missile units on the lookout from Moscow’s walls and all the country’s borders!”

12. “Soviet tankmen are ready for action, sons of their Great Motherland!”

13. “Vigilance at the highest level!”

14. “Grow up, strong man! The Soviet army is protecting you!”

15. “Always on the alert!”

16. “My country, trust in me!”

17. “I am ready to serve my homeland”

18. “Be ready to become a soldier, to secure and protect peace!”

19. “Be ready and alert!”

20. “The army and people are one!”

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