15 Soviet anti-American posters from the Cold War

When propaganda artists from the USSR were tasked with showing what the U.S. ‘was really like’ to the Soviet masses, they didn’t hold back in portraying the Americans collectively as the ugly old capitalist, Uncle Sam.

1. “The U.S. Army is an instrument of aggression and robbery”

2. A strong recoil of aggression: Inflation, recession, high prices.

3. Different destinies for the young talent in capitalist and socialist countries.

4. “If you have forgotten where the borders are, we will help you to land”

5. “The Near East: Oil and blood are flowing here again”

6. “Two worlds - two plans: We spread life, they sow death”

7. “Aid to the starving ones à L'américaine”

8. “We are occupied with peaceful labor. Let them know abroad - to touch us is very dangerous. Do you get it?”

9. “How one man is feeding two generals”

10. “American freedom”

11. “Capitalists of the world, unite!”

12. “If freedom is here, what does prison looks like?”

13. “Don’t fool around!”

14. “WE turn deserts into flowered lands, THEY turn cities and villages into deserts”

15. “Only rich people enjoy abundance there, and we want abundance for everyone”

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