Summer in Russian paintings (PICS)

Russian artists have captured all the seasons on their talented canvas, however, they have shown a special love for the relatively short Russian summer, with its sun rays falling on rye fields, blossoming meadows and birch trees, among many other things.

1. Isaac Levitan. June Day (Summer), 1890s

2. Isaac Levitan. The Birch Grove, 1880s

3. Arkhip Kuindzhi. The Birch Grove, 1879

4. Valentin Serov. Girl with Peaches, 1887

5. Valentin Serov. Summer. Portrait of Olga Serova, 1895

6. Vasily Polenov. Overgrown Pond, 1879

7. Vasily Polenov. Moscow Courtyard, 1878

8. Ilya Repin. Summer Landscape (Vera Repina on a Bridge in Abramtsevo Estate), 1879

9. Ilya Repin. On a Turf Bench, 1876

10. Ilya Repin. Summer Landscape in Kursk Province, 1915

11. Grigory Myasoedov. Busy Time for the Mowers, 1887

12. Ivan Shishkin. Summer, (year unknown)

13. Ivan Shishkin. Rye, 1878

14. Vladimir Tatlin. Autumn (Summer), 1909

15. Boris Kustodiev. The Day of Pentecost, 1920

16. Kazimir Malevich. Summer Landscape, 1928-29

17. Kazimir Malevich. Reapers, 1928-29

18. Alexander Deineka. Future Pilots, 1938

19. Alexander Deineka. Expanse, 1944

20. Arkady Plastov. In the Summer, 1954

21. Arkady Plastov. Hayfield, 1945

22. Tatiana Yablonskaya. Morning, 1954

23. Tair Salakhov. Morning Absheron, 1984

24. Irina Korina. Sunny, 2020

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