18 COOL posters for the 1980 Moscow Olympics (PICS)

From the collection of the Museum of Moscow
The preparations for the first (and only) Olympic Games in the USSR were large-scale, and included creating a huge number of posters by the best Soviet and international artists.

In the mid-1970s, when Moscow was announced as the host of the 1980 Olympics, the Soviet publishing house Plakat began printing Games-related materials and distributing advertising posters to friendly countries through foreign publishing houses.

In 1978, a major international Olympic poster competition was held in which artists from 45 countries submitted more than 5,000 works to Moscow. The prize-winning entries were published in huge circulations in the USSR and abroad. Here are some of them.

Hideo Kawazu, Shigeo Matsumoto, Harutomo Isinosawa, Ken Kishimoto (Japan)

Martin Krastev (Kristev; People's Republic of Bulgaria)
Garegin Burnuchyan (Burnuchan) (Tbilisi, USSR)
Karol Slivka (Polish People's Republic)
Jeffrey N. Rugless (Australia)
Viktor Potapov (Moscow, USSR)
Felix Beltran (Cuba)

Martin Motloch, Miroslav Lotka (Czechoslovak Socialist Republic)
Martino Gerevini (Italy)
Sergey Chernov (Yalta, USSR)
Radivoe Milutina Yugovich (Yugoslavia)
Jutta Damm-Fiedler, Jochen Fiedler (GDR)
Viktor Pudakov (Moscow, USSR)
Yadamsurengiyn Urzhinee (Mongolia)
Vyacheslav Davydov (Moscow, USSR)
Jose F. Datuin (Philippines)
Fernando Cabreios Braga (Peru)

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