15 most famous Soviet posters of the Great Patriotic War (PICS)

Viktor Ivanov, 1941
One of the main tasks of the Soviet propaganda during the hard years of the Great Patriotic War was to keep up the morale and fighting spirit of both troops and civilians.

1. “The Motherland is calling.”

2. "Our cause is just. The enemy shall be defeated!"

3. “We will defend Moscow!”

4. “We will defend Lenin’s city!” [Leningrad, the Soviet name for St. Petersburg.]

5. “What have you done to help the battlefront?”

6. “Be a hero!”

7. "Baltic Fleet sailors sunk 100 fascist ships in June 1944"

8. "Warrior! Ukraine is waiting for you!"

9. “To the West!” [Nach Osten – To the East]

10. “You have given us back life!”

11. “Forward, bogatyrs, for the sake of the Motherland” [Bogatyrs (knights) are the heroes of ancient folk tales.]

12. “We have one target — Berlin”

13. "Europe will be free!"

14. “We will hoist the Victory Banner over Berlin!”

15. “Glory to the Red Army!”

Here you can see how the Soviet propaganda tried to undermine spirit of the German troops.

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