10 pop songs of 2020 that ROCK Russia right now

You surely know ‘Uno’ by Little Big, but this Russian track is not the only one that’ll haunt you this year.

1. Klava Koka & NILETTO - Crush 

2020 has been a productive year for two young stars, cheeky blonde Klava Koka and 29-year-old youth idol called NILETTO. Crush is one of their most successful songs to date.

You’re my crush!

It’s either me or no one - it’s blackmail

I’ll come alone, I know your floor

I'm trying to kill you, because your type is

a limited edition.

We’ll play with you, boy, but not the console

And you are my, my - you are my sugar and this is the salt

Yes, love is pain, because it’s dangerous not to be with me

There is a fight between us, but

You, you, you are not my enemy, but you are not my friend

I’m your personal maniac, I’ll strangle you

You, you will be with me - I can’t live without you

I can run away, you tie me up

2. Noize MC feat. Monetochka — Live without a trace

This song is a manifest against the culture of consumerism that has shrouded the planet.

There is someone newer instead of us

And you and I are lying in confusion

On the garbage mountain among the dead batteries

We will live forever without a trace

3. Dabro — Youth

This is an ode to a love story that happened a long time ago, when we were all young.

We’ll set the sound to full and the neighbors won’t sleep

Whoever is below us below, will you forgive me

And then talk about love until morning

This is my youth, this is my youth

4. MORGENSHTERN & Timati - El Problema

The music video to this track has everything that we love about an old hip hop song: naked dancers, ludicrous jewelry and posh cars, while the lyrics are simple and catchy.

E-E-El Primero with a huge d*ck

I have a problem: Lambo or Ferrari?

E-E-El Primero with a huge d*ck

I have a problem: Lambo or Ferrari?

5. Danya Milokhin & Nikolai Baskov — Rockin’ Wildly

An unlikely duet of an 18-year-old musician with a 44-year-old veteran of the Russian stage is an act of flirting with Russia’s noble, distant past.

Gold cup, gold chains,

Guess where, I’m not at home, baby!

Smoothie is in my glass

We’re on Trap Hut, rockin’ wildly!

6. NILETTO — Darling

Yet another single by NILETTO, a rising Russian pop star from Tyumen.

Time to shoot, there’s gunfire between us

You get into my heart, you stay there, darling

I’m just wasting myself, I’m just wasting myself

All of myself for you

7. Little Big — Uno

Probably the most recognizable song on the list, Uno had been destined to rock the Eurovision 2020 before the music contest was canceled due to coronavirus.

Don’t be a dummy, dummy

I got that yummy, yummy

Can we be chummy, chummy right after midnight?

Yeah, you so charming bunny

Yeah, you so funny honey

All you have to do is to be ready for some action now

Uno (uno), dos (dos), cuatro (cuatro)

Uno, uno, uno (uno), dos (dos), cuatro (cuatro)

Uno, uno, uno (uno), dos (dos), cuatro (cuatro)

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis

Uno, uno

8. Rauf & Faik, NILETTO — If You Feel Sad

Five young boys rock to a sad but rhythmic beat in a skate park. The youthful spirit of the song can’t be any more explicit.

We’ve been dating for six months

And there was bad weather in my soul

But we’ll meet that clear day

I’m so happy, I fell in love again

I don’t look like a handsome prince

But only a couple of weeks remain

If you feel sad

Come to the place where we saw off the sunset

If you feel sad

Don’t forget me

9. Basta feat. Zivert — Neboley

One of the few lyrical sons on the list, Neboley is a sad song about lost love and wasted feelings.

I could make the sun brighter

To melt the ice

You could, but between you and me,

It is neither cold nor warm

I could have smiled

But this song only has minor chords

You could, but in this story,

There are too many ‘buts’

10. Cream Soda feat. Khleb - I cry for techno

The idea behind this music video is especially relevant in the 2020 era of universal isolation.

I can’t sleep at night

And I came to techno to find you here again

You wear Vans, like a year ago

But the Nikes that tread a familiar groove next to them are not my

You were only mine, only mine

And together we dreamed of buying something on Kuznetsky bridge

You were only mine, only mine

Villalobos plays for you and I can barely hold my tears

Crying for techno, I’m crying for techno

You’re not with me, tears fall at a rave

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