12 famous Russians as... ZOMBIES! (PHOTOS)

Public Domain; Make Me a Zombie
On the eve of Halloween, with the help of the ‘Make Me a Zombie’ online tool, we wondered how well known Russian writers, rulers and celebrities would have looked if they survived the apocalypse and turned into zombies!

‘Make Me a Zombie’ lets you turn anyone’s photo into the perfect zombie picture. So, we tried this tool on 12 famous Russians. Don’t be scared!

1. Ivan the Terrible

2. Peter the Great

3. Alexander Pushkin

4. Leo Tolstoy

5. Fyodor Dostoyevsky

6. Anton Chekhov

7. Maxim Gorky

8. Vladimir Mayakovsky

9. Nicholas II

10. Vladimir Lenin

11. Joseph Stalin

12. Yury Gagarin

P.S. Please, don’t take us seriously, we didn’t mean to offend anyone!

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