16 PHOTOS by young Russian photographers

Maria Kozhanova/PENNLAB Gallery
What does the new generation of creatives like to snap? What aesthetic questions do they pose? We selected the best shots from Russia’s most exciting young photographers.

Soviet photography was never short of originality, but the party line and propaganda drive had a habit of seeping through: staged happy faces, large construction sites, collective farmers, workers... 

The work of the new generation of Russian photographers contains far more of the personal, more of the inner world; life and nature are probed and pondered from an aesthetically as well as environmentally minded perspective. Let's take a look at the most striking images created by 16 rising stars.  

1. Igor Elukov. Burning from the Book of Wonders series, 2018-2019

2. Daria Nazarova. All Stars from the Aloe series, 2020

3. Ilya Batrakov. From the Mountain series, 2010-2017

4. Fyodor Konyukhov. From the Post-Moscow series, 2019

5. Olga Vorobyova. Girl Who Used to Be, 2016-2018

6. Nikita Pirogov. Lesha in Scarlet, Gold and Sky-blue from the Me and You series, 2015

7. Alexander Nikolsky. From the Refraction series, 2015

8. Anya Miroshnichenko. From the Room series, 2019-2020

9. Dasha Trofimova. From the Limb series, 2020

10. Maria Kozhanova. Distant Thunder

11. Olga Matveeva. Self-portrait #1, 2020

12. Alexander Veryovkin. Peering into the Post-Soviet, 2019

13. Max Romanenko. Volta, 2018

14. Marina Istomina. Suffocation, 2019-2020

15. Anastasia Bezrukova. Sanatorium, 2019

16. Ira Rokka. #Me, 2017

The Herbarium exhibition runs at the new PENNLAB Gallery from Feb. 24, 2021. 

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