10 jewels from the Moscow Historical Museum's SECRET CHAMBER (PHOTOS)

State Historical Museum
The special collection of the famous museum on Red Square contains unique jewels that belonged to the Russian royal family and nobility, crafted by the finest jewelers of the day.

In 1905, the State Historical Museum in Moscow created a special collection of jewelry chefs-d’oeuvre. Holding more than 27,000 pieces, it includes personal items of the tsars and other royal family members, as well as valuables, awards, church utensils and gold- and silver-framed icons. Many of the objects not only have unique historical value, but are veritable masterpieces of jewelry art. Among them are works by the finest masters from the Russian jewelry firms Faberge, Bolin, Sazikov, Khlebnikov, Ovchinnikov and others, commissioned by the imperial family and dignitaries. The collection also contains creations by eminent European jewelers.

We present some of the masterpieces from the collection, executed in precious metals and stones.

1. Brooch. St Petersburg. 1880s

2. Brooch. Moscow. Late 19th c.

3. Brooch. Moscow. 1890-98.

4. Headdress decoration. Arkhangelsk. 17th c.

5. Cuff bracelet. I.D. Chichelev jewelry firm. Moscow. Late 19th c.

6. Medallion brooch. I.D. Chichelev jewelry firm. Moscow. 1880s.

7. Mug. E. Shramm workshop. St Petersburg. 1890s

8. Pocket watch. Paris, France. Late 18th c.

9. Crown. Sweden. 17th-18th c.

10. Cup with wooden base. Early 18th c.

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