30 ICONIC photos by a LEGEND of Soviet photography

Emmanuil Yevzerikhin/MAMM/MDF
For many years, photographer Emmanuil Yevzerikhin worked for the country’s main news agency, TASS. Girls athletics teams, parades, pilots, Soviet children, summer cafes in Moscow, pyramids of tinned food, the war - he made his name in photography thanks to a unique photographic method and way of looking at the world. Here are some of his best images.

1. During a school break, 1930

2. Volleyball, 1930s

3. Girl on a crossbar, 1930s

4. In Kindergarten, 1930s

5. Girl throwing a javelin, 1937

6. “We’ll fight to the bitter end!”, 1944

7. Women of the East, 1934

8. Pilot Vladimir Kokkinaki, 1937

9. Morning in the city, 1940

10. Physical Culture Parade on the Red Square, 1938

11. Morning exercises, 1938

12. Moscow Home Guardsmen, 1941

13. ‘Children’s Khorovod’ fountain, 1942

14. ZIS-110 limousines, 1947

15. Sports parade, Dynamo Stadium, 1947

16. Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, 1950

17. Postwar trade, 1950s

18. In Central Park, 1930s

19. Children’s Gymnastics, 1930s

20. At the Front, 1942

21. Shukhov Radio Tower, 1935

22. ‘Girl with an Oar’ Sculpture, 1936

23. Eliseevsky Grocery Store, 1950s

24. A Kindergarten, with Moscow University under construction in the background, 1952

25. At the Hairdresser’s, 1970

26. A military parade in Red Square, 1939

27. “Along the streets a big elephant was led…”, 1950

28. The All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, 1939

29. The First Lecture at Moscow University After the War, 1945

30. Students of Perm Ballet School do an exercise, 1965

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