The favorite river of Russian artists (PICS)

Fresh Wind. Volga, 1895.

Fresh Wind. Volga, 1895.

Isaac Levitan/The State Tretyakov Gallery
Russia is naturally a country of many, great rivers. But one of them is loved with particular fondness.

There are countless large and small rivers in Russia. And the beauty of many of them has been captured on canvases by artists. But no river has received as much attention from Russian painters as the Volga.

“The Volga, like an endless mirror, covered in transparent mist, softly reflects the charming pale beauty of the night and the sleepy, precipitous shore…” wrote Taras Shevchenko, the famous Russian-Ukrainian poet of the 19th century.

‘Mother Volga’, as it is endearingly dubbed, has long been one of the main symbols of Russia. It has served and continues to serve as a source of inspiration for poets, writers, filmmakers and, of course, painters.

The popular Soviet poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote of the river thus: 

“And I’ll be youthful and hell-raising,

and always flourish, make a din,

as long as Volga flows amazing,

as long as I’m of Russian kin.”

Isaac Levitan. An Evening on the Volga, 1888.
Barge Haulers on the Volga, 1872-1873.
Evening. Zolotoy Plyos, 1889.
Song of the Volga, 1906.
Fishermen on the Volga River, 1872.

On the Volga, 1922.
On the Volga, 1887-1888.

Fresh Wind. Volga, 1895.
On the Volga. 1892.
On the Volga River, 1889.
The Volga River, 1887.
After the rain. Plyos, 1889.
The Volga near the Zhigulyov mountains, 1887.
Volga. Quiet Day, 1895.
The Volga near Simbirsk, 1881.

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