You know nothing, Jon Snow. Sit down, F

Game of Thrones, Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones, Jon Snow.
On the Day of Knowledge, Russian Twitter users remembered typical teacher phrases, and aptly illustrated them with characters from Game of Thrones.

All Russian schoolteachers seem to read the same textbook, “How to talk to your students.” We have no other explanations as to why they repeat the same phrases all over Russia, from Moscow to Vladivostok, decade after decade. In a spontaneous flashmob, Twitter users didn’t miss the chance to mock these one-liners – and picked matching GoT pics.

Guys, today at the craft lesson we'll be repairing chairs for the teacher`s room.

The bell rings for the teacher only!


Are there any true men in your class?

Wanna say — raise your hand

Take my place and run the lesson, if you're so clever!

Close the door from the outside

You two, come[to the headmaster] with your parents tomorrow!

You know nothing. Seat down, F

During the evacuation drill we all stand up together, and DO NOT RUN to the exit!

And here’s this feeling:

When you realize that your classmates got a little taller than you over the summer 

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