Vladivostok visa-free regime indefinitely delayed

Vladivostok visa-free regime indefinitely delayed.

Vladivostok visa-free regime indefinitely delayed.

Yuri Smityuk / TASS
The free port zone has not set up the necessary infrastructure.

The launch of the eight-day visa-free program for visitors to the Vladivostok Free Port zone has been indefinitely delayed, local daily Zolotoi Rog reported on Jan 11. 

The Russian Government issued all necessary approvals in December 2015 for the visa-free program to commence on January 1 2016. However, the zone, which includes Vladivostok and 8 municipalities in the Primorye Territory, has not yet set up the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the regime.

“The relevant state authorities are engaged in preparatory work. The exact dates are not yet known,” a spokesman for the Vladivostok International Airport told the paper.

Late last year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev announced that foreigners arriving directly to Vladivostok would receive eight-day visa-free access that was valid for the free port zone.

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