7 coworking spaces in Moscow for any budget

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The public demand for flexible working spaces has rapidly been growing in Moscow, creating various options for freelancers and businessmen - from pricy meeting clubs to totally free state-funded alternatives. Read on to find out which ones will suit you best!

If experts are to be believed, this year Moscow surpassed other capital cities in Eastern Europe by the total square meters covered by its shared workplaces. Over 100 coworking locations covering 130,000 sq. m. are available around the city - and this number is only expected to grow.

Just take, WeWork, the American shared workspace provider, that already has four locations in the Russian capital with 17,800 sq. m. in total. In September 2019, the public learned about its plans to open a number of new locations in Moscow, covering an extra 50,000 sq. m., which will potentially make it the largest coworking space provider in the country.

Until we wait for the market to expand even further, there are already many unique and comfortable options self-starters can choose from. Whether you’re an expat freelance professional in dire need of peace and quiet or simply curious in what conditions Russians choose to work today - check out some of the most spacious and interesting options on offer in Moscow.

1. SOK

‘SOK’ is a chain of “smart” offices focused on three components - Service, Office space, and Knowledge. They have three locations around the city and plan to open two more soon. Here, one can choose either an open space or a personal office, or even design your own space. Each location has everything needed for work and has different zones for those who want to network and those don’t want to be distracted. ‘SOK’ also holds events, meetups, conferences and lectures that are available for free for tenants.

Perks: personalized spaces, events, training programs

Where: ‘SOK Arena Park’ on Leningradsky pr-t 36/11 (m. Dinamo), ‘SOK Sady Pekina’ on Bolshaya Sadovaya st. 5/1 (m. Mayakovskaya), “SOK Zemlyanoi Val” on Zamlyanoi val st. 8 (m. Kurskaya)

Cost: 1,500 rubles ($23)/day or from 5,000 rubles ($78)/month

2. #tceh

A place for technology-enthusiasts, #tceh offers many opportunities to establish connections with like-minded professionals and learn from the heads of already successful firms during events and meet-ups organized here. The coworking space partners with the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (a Russian venture capital fund which invests in technology start-ups), which allows the residents to keep up-to-date with the Fund’s activities and get insights from the experts in an informal atmosphere. A free tour is available for booking via their website.

Perks: 24/7 access, events, direct connections with the Internet Initiatives Development Fund

Where: Myasnitskaya st. 13/18 (m. Turgenevskaya)

Costs: from 17,000 rubles ($265)/month, a free tour is available.

3. Cabinet Lounge

‘Cabinet Lounge’ coworking space only has one location, which is in a historic building (that dates back to early 20th century) right in the city center and is a popular meeting place for businessmen, as it offers a range of different areas and services (including a concierge, drivers and couriers). The location has a rather luxurious look with expensive artworks, high ceilings, and its own bar. Membership to this privileged status club is not cheap, but offers up useful connections and access to private events.

Perks: historic building, concierge, luxury interior, events

Where: Novaya ploshad 6 (m. Lubyanka)

Costs: 2,500 rubles ($39)/day or starting from 17,000 rubles ($265)/month

4. Rabochaya Stantsiya

‘Rabochaya Stantsiya’ (Russian for “Working station”) has four locations around Moscow. In every location, one can find everything necessary for convenient work (printers, negotiation rooms, coffee bars, snacks, etc.). But each ‘station’ has something unique to it. For instance, there’s an arty vibe on Kurskaya, while there is a capsule hotel available for residents at the ‘Plaza’ station by Dmitrovskaya metro station. Among the tenants of the chain are such famous brands as Unilever, Adidas, Nike, Greenpeace and Sberbank.

Perks: 24/7 access, bathroom amenities, accommodation

Where: ‘Balchug’ on Sadovnicheskaya nab. 9 (m. Novokuznetskaya), ‘Plaza’ on Butyrskaya st. 62 (m. Dmitrovskaya), ‘Artplay’ on N. Syromyatnicheskaya 10/2 (m. Kurskaya), ‘Gorky Park’ on Leninsky pr-t 30A (m. Leninsky prospekt)

Costs: from 790 rubles ($12)/day or 25,000 rubles ($389)/month. Plus, there is an opportunity to rent first day for free. 

5. Tablitsa

Unlimited wifi, office equipment, negotiation rooms, and even courier, secretary, or accounting services - ‘Tablitsa’ (Russian for “table”) is a hybrid space that combines business with pleasure. Apart from being a coworking space, it also has a restaurant and its own park on the roof (!), which becomes the venue for parties during the summer. After work, tenants can also enjoy intellectual games, yoga, as well as various events, at an event-zone for 220 people.

Perks: convenient location, park on the roof, 24/7 access, events

Where: Novoslobodskaya st. 16 (m. Mendeleyevskaya)

Costs: 22,000 rubles ($342)/month

6. Dar Truda

Unlike the other coworking locations, ‘Dar Truda’ (Russian for “The Gift of Labor”) doesn’t offer any offices, but rather a shared woodworking space for carpenters that has everything necessary for manual labor. It has an impressive area of 830 sq. meters, carpentry equipment, and training programs for beginners and masters. Here, one can also order furniture, coloring, laser wood cutting for wood or metal, as well as 3D milling. It’s open from 11 am to 9 pm.

Perks: hourly charge, carpentry equipment, spacious area, personal lockers

Where: 1-ya Bukhvostova st. 12/11 (m. Preobrazhenskaya Ploshad)

Costs: 300 rubles ($4.7)/hour, 1,800 rubles ($28)/day, 13,000 rubles ($203)/month

7. Free coworking spaces

For those who’d rather invest their funds into the project, rather than into the workspace, there is a free option available, both for the short-term and long-term. There are several state coworking spaces located in different parts of Moscow. There, self-starters can not just work, but also get some consultations and legal support. One thing though - to get a place, one has to be officially registered as an individual entrepreneur or a company, plus, office equipment is not available.

Perks: free, negotiation rooms, recreational zones

Where: Srednyaya Pervomayskaya st. 3, Avtozavodskaya st. 1, Kakhovka st. 37/1, Michurinsky pr-t 27/2

Costs: free

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