These WEIRD gadgets are to help Russian flight attendants smile more (PHOTOS)

Vitaly Belousov/Sputnik; Aliexpress
A Russian airline is placing an order of 3,000 units to get the ball rolling.

Russian low-cost airline ‘Pobeda’ has published an official tender on the government procurement website for 3,000 units of something called the ‘Silicone Face Slimmer’: it and other similarly-named knockoffs allegedly work to train your jaw and facial muscles.

The first associations one gets when looking at this thing are those of silicone-made human lips. The contraption works by going into your mouth, with you having to pronounce vowels and consonants and in so doing training your facial muscles, according to the sales pitch, which also promises that the device will fight wrinkles and give your face a more elegant “oval” shape than before. 

The devices are listed on Aliexpress at $2.7 a pop, which means Pobeda is about to spend 540,000 rubles (approx. $6,940) on the order. The airline confirmed that the devices will be used as a smile-training device for future flight attendants at its own academy.

“A flawless smile is our standard. We’re growing, while all the devices are intended for individual use. Taking into account our strategy for growth, we’re accepting a large number of students into our own school. We’d like all our students without exception to have beautiful smiles,” Pobeda’s press release reads. 

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