20 STUNNING photos of pre-revolution St. Petersburg

Unknown photographer/State Russian museum
The appearance of the Kodak camera in Russia caused a boom in amateur photography at the beginning of the 20th century.

The resulting photographs captured fascinating palaces of the Russian Empire and their interiors, as well as everyday life: scenes from the countryside, walks around parks, boating in the Gulf of Finland and so on. Photos were used as postcards, were signed and gifted as souvenirs, and carefully preserved in family archives. Thanks to this, a great amount of historical photos have survived in museums’ archives. Here are some amazing photos of the late 19th- and early 20th-century from the collection of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.  

1. Children in a boat by the Gulf of Finland, 1906

2. The village of Tyarlevo near Petersburg. Consecration of the Transfiguration Church in memory of the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanovs, 1914

3. Gatchina. View of the palace from the park, 1900s

4. Priory Palace in Gatchina, 1900s

5. The Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum royal residence, 1900s

6. The Greek hall in Pavlovsk Palace, 1900s

7. The Amber Room in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo, 1900s.

The amber of ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World’ disappeared mysteriously after the room was looted by the Nazis during WWII. In the 2000s it was restored anew

8. The Grand Palace in Peterhof, 1860

9. The 'Lion Cascade' fountain, located in the Lower Park of Peterhof, 1876

10. The estate of statesman M.V. Kochubey (the Reserved Palace, or Vladimir Palace) in Tsarskoe Selo, 1914

11. The Large Chinese Bridge in Alexander Park of Tsarskoe Selo, 1900s

12. Kronstadt Naval Cathedral right after it was built, 1910s

13. Artist Ilya Repin with family on his ‘Penates’ estate in Kuokkala (now Repino) near Petersburg, 1900s

14. Novaya Ladoga town near Petersburg, 1900s

15. Oranienbaum Palace, 1908

16. The ‘Znamenka’ estate of Grand Duke Nikolai N. Romanov, not far from Peterhof, 1870-1880s

17. The ‘Sergievka’ palace in Peterhof, 1911

18. Strelna railway station, one of the first in Russia, 1908

19. The Cameron Gallery in Catherine Park of Tsarskoe Selo, 1900s

20. The Orlov or Gatchina Gate in Catherine Park of Tsarskoe Selo, 1900s

The exhibition ‘The St. Petersburg Governorate in photographs from the 1860‒1910s from the collection of the Russian Museum’ is on display at the State Russian Museum (Stroganov Palace) in St. Petersburg from May 30 to August 26, 2019.


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