Russian memes... from the previous century

Дурацкие дореволюционные открытки
DISCLAIMER: The humor was quite dark and rough at the time.

It all started as a gift idea. Soon, resident of St. Petersburg Maxim Kosmin came to like pre-revolutionary postcards containing mocking humor and launched an online community where he began collecting them.

His collection currently contains about two hundred postcards. Auction houses and flea markets are his main sources. Each card is a great example of good old pre-revolutionary Russian humor. Enjoy!

“Two fools are fighting while the third fool watches.”

“Evolution of a Russian”

A trap for men

A vegetarian: “If only I escape the danger, I promise to start eating meat.”

“If you hadn’t spread rumors and lies, the mouse would not have devoured your tongue.”

“I can’t comprehend the cold of your soul.”

“A telephone”

“An intense meeting”

“I was on my way to my cattle and God sends you.”

“I love you. *NOT!* (Fig hand sign) Regards from St. Petersburg.”

“Happy birthday”

“Remember, flirting with the first available man may result in a daughter or son.”

“Oh, don’t you lie!”

“In the feminist age: Let me walk you home, gentleman.”

“Advocate of gender equality at a men’s bathhouse.”

Marital Arithmetic: And what’s this habit you have of calling me “my half” in front of everyone? I’m not “a half”, I’m the “whole.”


“Christ has risen.”

Firefighters try to contain flames of love.

“Damn. I’ve been ringing for two hours. They’re not sleeping... they’re making noise all the time. But they won’t open (the door)?”

A St. Petersburg dandy

“Your ‘interesting’ talks trigger yawns.”

“Don’t envy me. I’m busy the whole week. Every day I have to visit one of my wives.”

The horse: “I’m confused… The man tightens the reins as if he wants me to stop and smacks his lips as if he wants me to go.”



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