A 20th century Russian family portrait (PHOTOS)

A cossack family portrait, 1900s

A cossack family portrait, 1900s

Dmitry Iyudin/МАММ/MDF
Trader, cossack, civil servant, worker or tsar - it didn’t matter who you were when it came to recognizing the importance of family. And having a family portrait taken was a top priority. The faces of different generations here combine to tell the story of an entire era.
Nicholas II with his family, 1914

The Morozov family of merchants at the Odintsovo-Arkhangelskoe Manor, 1900s
An Orthodox priest’s family portrait, 1900s
A bourgeois family portrait, 1900s

Leo Tolstoy and his family on his 75th birthday, 1903

A middle class family portrait, 1928

The Razgon family portrait, 1930s  (Lev Razgon, second top left, was later sent away to do hard labor)

The Medvedev family portrait, 1930 (Maria, far left, would become a war hero in the 1940s)

Hero of the Soviet Union, horse troop general Oka Gorodovikov, center, with his family, 1940s 

Family portrait of the formerly repressed cossack Ishimtsev, having returned home after being sent away, 1950s

The Khartanovich family portrait. According to the opportunities available to people in those days, the children here were quite lucky: they managed to break free from a peasant life, go to medical school and become doctors in the 1950s

Solovki. Kucherov family portrait, 1960s

The Krashennikov worker dynasty portrait, 1974

An extended family portrait, 1980s. The classic ‘photo in front of the wall rug’ 

Polaroids made their way to Russia in the 1990s, and family photos began looking like this.

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