Behold! The women of Soviet car commercials! (PHOTOS)

A ‘Lada-110’ ad for the UK.

A ‘Lada-110’ ad for the UK.

Archival photo
The Soviet auto industry really didn’t need advertising to sell a car in the USSR. Cars were in such demand that people would sign up for one regardless, then get in line… and wait several long years! Nevertheless, the state created elaborate car ads, as many models would often end up being sold on the foreign market.


The ‘ZAZ-966’ from the Zaporozhye Automobile Factory (known simply as the ‘Zaporozhets’), produced in 1970.
A ‘ZAZ-965’ ad, 1960 - 1963
An ad for the ‘ZAZ-966B’. Also known as the “Zipper”, it was also made for the foreign market.
An ad for the ‘ZAZ-966В’, 1966-72

An ad for the ZAZ-968 ‘Zaporozhets’ 


The VAZ-2101 ‘Zhiguli’ - the first model from the Volga Automobile Plant (AvtoVAZ), amicably known as the ‘Kopeyka’ (or ‘Kopek’ in English)
A VAZ-2101 ad
An ad for the VAS-2102 ‘Zhiguli’ five-door hatchback
The ‘VAZ-2103’ sedan borrowed heavily from the Fiat ‘124’. The car was exported as the ‘Lada 1500’.
A ‘Lada-110’ (also known as the ‘VAZ-21012’) ad, which was popular in the UK.
The VAZ-2121 ‘Lada Niva’ (pronounced “Nee-vah”), still very popular, and, by numerous accounts - “unkillable!” 
A ‘Lada Niva’ ad
An ad for the VAZ-2109 ‘Sputnik’ hatchback (a.k.a. the ‘Devyatka’ - or ‘Niner’ in English). The car first appeared on the market in 1987.


The Soviet-made compact class ‘Moskvich-408’ was made by MZMA (AZLK) in 1964-1975.
An ad for a ‘Moskvich’ 408, 1964.

An ad for a ‘Moskvich’ 408, 1964

GAZ (Volga)

The GAZ-24 ‘Volga’ from the Gorky Automobile Factory.
An ad for the GAZ-21К ‘Volga’, produced for the German market. 

An ad for a GAZ-24 ‘Volga’ 
GAZ-24 ‘Volga’.

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