Why the Soviets thought their Navy was invincible (PICS)

These posters helped convince thousands of young Soviet men to forever tie their lives with the boundless seas and the country’s naval forces.

“In the Soviet sea the enemy will have grief!”

“We’ll clean the Soviet waters of the Baltic Sea from enemy scum!”

“Kill Fascists on land and in the sea!”

“Fascists will not pass!”

“For the Motherland! Forward, Baltic sailors! For Stalin! To destroy the enemy!”

“We’ll clean the Soviet waters from mines!”

“Let’s celebrate Navy Day with new victories over the enemy!”

“We protect our Motherland!”

“Increase the glory of our forefathers! Keep the traditions of the Navy!”

“Glory to the defenders of the Soviet Union’s naval borders!”

“Love our Soviet sea.”

“The legendary Navy is keeping safe Soviet country’s naval borders!”

“Long live the Soviet Navy!”

“To keep sacred the honor and glory of the Soviet Navy!”

“Increase the glory of our forefathers! Keep the traditions of the Navy!” 

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