20+ atmospheric PHOTOS of Soviet Crimea

Yevgeny Khaldei/MAMM/MDF
Crimea was considered the most favorite resort of all the Soviet people: kids spent summer in pioneer camps, while adults took vacation and went for treatment in sanatoriums based in former royal palaces. The peninsula was also the scene for turbulent events: from Russia’s Civil War battles to Nazi occupation during WWII.

1. A woman sunbathing with her kid on a beach in Crimea, 1925

2. Physical exercises in the Livadia sanatorium, based in the former royal palace, 1925

3. Workers taking a rest in the former royal garden, 1925

4. Factory workers relaxing on vacation in Crimea, 1928

5. Billiards in the courtyard of the Livadia sanatorium, 1930s

6. Black Sea fleet’s sailors going through their daily routine, 1930s

7. Two women relaxing on the rotonda in Simeiz, 1930s

8. A busy beach in Balaklava Bay, 1932

9. A young girl posing in the Black Sea, 1934

10. Revellers enjoying a mud treatment, 1934

11. A sanatorium in Yalta, 1930s

12. Women posing on a beach in Yalta, 1937

13. A scout standing watch in Sevastopol, 1942

14. A Soviet soldier helping to free the city of Kerch from the Nazis, 1944

15. On the ‘Red Crimea’ cruiser in Sevastopol harbor, 1944

16. Sevastopol in ruins, 1944

17. Winston Churchill, Franklin Roozvelt and Joseph Stalin posing for a photo at the Yalta conference in Crimea, 1945

18. Sailors going through drill training, 1944

19. Kids relaxing on a beach in Sevastopol, 1944

20. Two sailors taking a rest on the beach, 1944

21. Pioneer girls at the Artek summer camp, 1944

22. People posing in front of a ruined Sevastopol building, 1944

23. A sea cadet and participant of WWII posing, 1944

24. German POWs marching in Crimea, 1944

25. Monument to the Sunken Ships in Sevastopol, 1944

26. Pioneers launching glider aeroplanes, 1945

27. A lady posing on a boat, 1946

28. A call for swimming time at the Artek pioneer camp, 1948

29. A picturesque angle of the city of Gurzuf, 1950

30. Tourists posing in front of the Swallow Nest castle, 1953

31. Girls riding a catamaran in Yalta, 1960

32. Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev sunbathing on vacation in Crimea, 1972

33. A packed Yalta beach, 1973

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