Liberated Berlin through the eyes of Soviet photographers

Unknown author/MAMM/MDF
After a week of fierce fights on the city’s streets, when every house became a strong point, Soviet troops, with the help of the Polish People’s Army, finally managed to suppress the last Nazi resistance. And on May 7, the Third Reich announced its capitulation.

Soviet tanks entering Berlin

Fighting on the streets of Berlin

More street fighting in Berlin

The Red infantry crossing the Spree River

Soviet tanks entering Berlin

Tanks fighting in Berlin

Soldiers marching towards the Battle of Berlin

Berlin on fire

Berlin in ruins

The Soviet flag being hoisted on top of the Reichstag

Berlin on May 2, 1945. Victory!

The National Kaiser Wilhelm Monument (demolished by the GDR authorities after the war)

Soviet war correspondents posing on the ruins of Berlin

A Soviet soldier leaving a signature on the Reichstag wall

The first day of peace

Berlin in May 1945

Ruins around the Landwehr Canal

Damages to the Gendarmenmarkt

The place that used to be Alexander Platz

Broken windows, damaged buildings

Berliners getting rid of rubble after air bombings

Soviet military cameramen enjoying the victory

Soviet military vehicles on Berlin streets

Refugees returning to the city

Berliners cleaning up the banks of the Spree River

A view of the damaged Reichstag

Peaceful life returns to Berlin

A ruined city

Locals chatting on a Berlin street

Locals crossing a damaged bridge 

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