Liberated Warsaw through the eyes of Soviet photographers

After three days of clashes, on January 17, 1945, Soviet troops together with the allied 1st Polish Army managed to take the city from the Nazis occupation, and even cut off all paths of retreat for the German garrison. Soviet photo chroniclers captured images of the destroyed Polish capital.

Polish military pilots study a new combat assignment

Machine-gunners fighting for Warsaw

Soldiers taking new positions in Warsaw's outskirts

Meeting of Polish troops near Warsaw

Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov, left, and Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, right, in the command center outside Warsaw

A ruined street in Warsaw

Another street in Warsaw destroyed by the Germans

Soviet soldiers crossing the Vistula River

The Soviet tank army made its way deep into the enemy rear. Pictured: Ilya Muromets armored train

Liberated Warsaw

Residents of Warsaw on devastated streets after liberation from Nazi occupation

Citizen return to liberated Warsaw

Soviet soldiers in Warsaw

Polish national flag flies over Warsaw

A military parade dedicated to Warsaw’s liberation

Destroyed buildings in Warsaw

Refugees go back to their native city destroyed by the Nazis

Ruins of Marszałkowska (Marshal) Street almost entirely destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944

Ruins of a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw 

Warsaw civilians and Red Army soldiers celebrate the city’s liberation

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