Liberated Bucharest through the eyes of Soviet photographers

Yevgeny Khaldei/MAMM/MDF
On Aug. 31, 1944, Soviet troops entered the Romanian capital without any resistance. The citizens welcomed Red Army soldiers and threw flowers on their tanks. Here’s what the Soviet photo chroniclers saw in the city.

Ruins in one of the central streets of Bucharest

Damaged buildings all around the city

Heaps of rubble remained after bombing

Free Romanians walk the damaged streets

The citizen of Bucharest welcome Soviet soldiers

Through a broken window of a store

Peaceful life returns on the streets

Cheering crowds

Bucharest residents welcome Soviet soldiers

Soviet tanks on streets of the Romanian capital

Soviet war correspondents and cameramen in Bucharest

Restorings works

A street seller

An organ grinder

Bucharest citizens

People welcome the first government of the new and free Romania

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