Liberated Belgrade through the eyes of Soviet photographers

Yevgeny Khaldei/MAMM/MDF
On October 20, 1944, Soviet troops with the help of Tito’s Yugoslav partisans and the Bulgarian People’s Army committed a series of fast and effective strikes clearing Yugoslavia of the Nazis. Here’s what the Soviet photo chroniclers saw in the liberated city.

Fighting on the streets of Belgrade

Tito’s army enter the city

Soviet air commander Vladimir Sudets

Captain Dmitry Kudashov salutes Belgrade citizens

Abandoned Nazis hardware near Belgrade

Partisans stage an ambush

Tito watches his army entering the city

Tanks in the city

Yugoslavian partisans 

Civilians return to Belgrade

Giving honor to the mass grave of Soviet soldiers

Soviet gunners defend the House of the National Assembly from air raids

Tanks in the city

Soviet officers talk to the locals

A Soviet cavalryman in Belgrade

Soviets and Yugoslavians celebrate the liberation of the Nazis

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