Liberated Vienna through the eyes of Soviet photographers

Soviet soldiers correspondents in front of Hofburg palace

Soviet soldiers correspondents in front of Hofburg palace

Yevgeny Khaldei/MAMM/MDF
The Red Army started its assault on Vienna from the east and south. Soviet soldiers managed to liberate the city on April 13, 1945, after a week of fierce street fighting, when every building became a fortified position. And Soviet photo chroniclers captured everything on camera.

The Red Army on its route from Bratislava to Vienna

Soldiers gathering near Vienna

The B-13 ‘Katyusha’ rocket launcher being fired near Vienna

Soviet tanks rolling through Vienna suburbs

Soviet soldiers marching towards Vienna

Soviet tanks entering Vienna

Soviet soldiers engaging in street fights in the city

Red Army soldiers strolling through liberated Vienna

Repairing destroyed bridges over Wien River

Vienna streets in ruins

A Soviet armored vehicle parked in the destroyed streets of Vienna

Soviet soldiers strolling along Vienna’s streets

A Soviet traffic controller working in Vienna

A Soviet soldier posing on top of the Vienna city hall

Refugees returning to their homes

Soviet soldiers talking to locals

A shopping frenzy on a street in Vienna

Life goes on in liberated Vienna

A Soviet soldier admiring the city’s beauty

Soviet soldiers walking the streets of Vienna

Soviet soldiers gathering next to the Parliament building

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