Liberated Budapest through the eyes of Soviet photographers

Yevgeny Khaldei/MAMM/MDF
13 Nazis tank divisions were trapped in the Hungarian capital but refused to surrender. The Red Army managed to beat them after 6 weeks of fighting, and on February 13, 1945, Soviet soldiers entered the city. Soviet photographers captured every moment on camera.

Street fighting

Soviet machine gunners in Budapest

Ruined streets

Street fighting

A blazing building

Soviet troops enter the liberated city

Soviet sappers work on streets

A Jewish couple liberated from the Budapest ghetto

Sappers at the Elizabeth Bridge in Budapest

Nurses take care of the wounded

Budapest Opera 

Soviet soldiers march in Budapest

The ruins of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge and embankment next to it

Hungarians wait for Soviet sappers to check a pontoon bridge

The Hungarian parliament building

Soviet flag on top of the Hungarian parliament

Soviet soldiers with an accordion celebrate the city’s liberation

Locals at the monument to Hungarian 19th century ruler Lajos Kossuth 

Anti-tank barriers on the Danube 

Locals talk to a Soviet soldier

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