‘She will save the future generation!’: How one school girl took a sexist task to the cleaners

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When a Russian teacher asked students to write down duties men and women should perform in the home, she didn’t get the answer she was expecting.

A school teacher from Saratov (a Russian city on the Volga River) askedfifth gradersto write about gender roles in the home. However, after one schoolgirl wrote down exactly the same tasks for men and women, her sister took a photo of her notebook and posted it on Twitter with the words: “I think my sister handled this idiotic sexist task just fine.”

The equal obligations included “cook, wash the dishes, tidy up the house, clean clothes, and pick up the kids to school.” It’s not known how well the teacher scored the child’s answers but they’ve caused quite a stir on social media, with many people praising the young student for her progressive thinking.

Here are some of the reactions to the exam on Twitter:

“I'm waiting for your sister to be our president”.

“Your sister will save the future generation”


However, not all Russians agree with her answers...

“Still sexist. Where are drill into wall, fix furniture, throw out the trash, take care of the car, etc., etc.?”

“One” [how many points the schoolgirl should get for her answer]

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