Auchan gives birth to... a loaf

A department store issues an unusual advertising banner that causes Internet mirth

Discount chain Auchan has produced a banner for taking photos, where you can put your face inside a loaf of bread. It features two employees of Auchan holding a loaf of bread as if it were a newborn baby with a logo reading: "Auchan has given birth to a loaf".

Russian Twitter users didn’t miss the chance to make fun of it.

An Auchan official later commented to Tjournal that the banner was up only for one day and in one store. It was dedicated to the supermarket chain's 15th anniversary in Russia and was designed to be humorous.

A year ago, there was an advertising banner that showed two employees of Auchan looking like a happy young couple with a woman holding an enormous loaf of bread as if it were a baby. Internet users made several photo-collages showing loaves of bread instead of faces of employees and other jokes.

So Auchan decided to admit their error. Well done!


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